CPA Crane Hire

In accordance with Health and Safety Executive guidelines ABA Crane Hire can only provide a crane on a CPA Crane Hire basis if the customer provides a qualified and experienced appointed person to plan and take responsibility for the lifting operation.This means that it is the customer’s responsibility to fully plan, control, supervise and insure the crane operation and personnel.

Under the terms of a standard CPA Crane Hire Agreement, the crane and the operator are the responsibility of the customer once the crane leaves the public highway in order to access site. This includes travel on any access roads in the event that the site is not immediately adjacent to the public highway


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The customer’s Appointed Person is responsible for planning the lift and all the personnel and equipment involved. In addition, under CPA model conditions, the customer must provide insurance cover for the following:

loss of damage to our plant and equipment whilst on site and under the customer’s control;

continuing hiring charges whilst the equipment is unable to work as a result of loss or damage;

loss of or damage to the goods being lifted;

legal liability – injury to the driver / operator whilst under the supervision and control of the customer along with injury to third parties, including damage to their property, arising from crane operations.